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Ghosts Are Real de Philip J Brittan / SPECIAL Edition

Image of Ghosts Are Real de Philip J Brittan / SPECIAL Edition

Ghosts Are Real is a gentle reminder that there is no bolt to slide across the past, thoughts, good and bad, welcome and unwelcome, will always return from the long grass of memory.

Although Ghosts Are Real was created during a difficult period of Philip Brittan’s life - his mother had just died and dealing with the estate fractured his family in rancorous conflict – the book is a visual celebration of the fragile wonders of the world, the sheer joy of the here and now, of life's exquisite, magical pleasures.

Memory is always associative; we recall not just the place itself but what it conjures in the mind. Based on long night walks through the city and surrounding countryside that became a sort of haven from the troubles of the day, the images in Ghosts Are Real are as much about feelings experienced - the sense of a vanished world, with welcome ghosts and lyrical memories from youth to adult - as the representation of particular places.

Encompassing diverse camera methods, experimental processing, a range of styles and media, and various fine-art print making techniques, Ghosts Are Real is a glorious full-bleed expression of beauty, colour and abstraction.